G Mama’s Soul Food Kitchen

Let me just say- this will probably be one of the shortest articles I’ve ever written. Only because it was so damn good!! Instead of reviewing a restaurant, I decided to review someone who supports a lot of comedians out here and feeds us as well. Plus, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some of y’all will need her help. LET’S EAT

Curesa Jones is originally from Houston, but now claims Peoria as her home base. She started her catering business, G Mama’s Soul Food Kitchen, 3 years ago and her business has been flourishing ever since. I was really hoping she’d have turkey ready to sample.. She gave me the Khloe Kardashian treatment and only brought the side dishes out.

Collard Greens – cut and cleaned by hand, with smoked turkey cooked in them. Of course I asked for the names of the spices, she wouldn’t tell me. Everything was an ancient Chinese secret. These were DE…LISH…US

Smac -n- Cheese – of course this was from scratch. She used Velveeta, Mozzarella, American cheese, and another secret sauce. I asked if it was pet milk, because it’s creamy. It’s NOT pet milk.

Hot water cornbread stuffing – I’ve never heard of hot water cornbread until it was said in a movie. I can’t remember the movie . Nor have I ever tasted it, until now. I’m definitely going to make this for Thanksgiving. She uses turkey necks to make the gravy.

Gobble Gravy – turkey necks, sage, cornish seasoning, and chicken oil. She said that chicken the oil is best when it comes from the thighs, because it makes the gravy thicker. Clearly my Vaseline is made of chicken oil!!!

The Ham – she gave me a child size portion for the ham, smh. It had baked pineapple on top of it. I’ve never eaten baked pineapple before. Her glaze is brown sugar , Jack Daniels, and pineapple juice. Imagine Idris Elba dancing around in your mouth, it’s like that! Mmmm…Idris.

Specialty Cakes

-Sock it to Me
-Sweet Potato Pie
-Peach Cobbler

August O’neal

Author: UEAZ