Hear ye hear ye one of the best chicken wing places I’ve ever been to,  is right here in the Phoenix area! Now I see what my comedy brother Marlon Da Gr8t is talking about..

ATL Wings is located at 3923 E. Thomas, so it’s easy for me to get to right after I’ve done some damage at the $10 shoe store across the street. I only met with Mike Kirksey, but he and his wife Cianna started ATL Wings 4 years ago. Their first restaurant opened in Chandler (70 W Warner Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225) and was instantly a success.

Since then, they’ve expanded to Phoenix,  Glendale,  and Long Island. ATL stands for All the Love. The name grabs your attention but the love keeps people coming back. I asked Mike why he felt a chicken wing restaurant was needed out here? “Frankly, there were no good wings out West”.  Which is true, because I dated a guy who had a chicken wing(Mike Epps joke reference) and his outlook on life was terrible.  Thus, I’ve vowed not to mess with any more chicken wings in the West! Moving on..


Phoenix Phood Reviews “ATL Wings”


Mike is from Peoria Illinois, birthplace to the original King of Comedy Richard Pryor, so it makes sense that he brought the marketing mind of Michael Plant on board. MP works for Stand Up Live, Tempe Improv, and is a regular opener for some of comedy’s big names. Since MP isn’t the owner of ATL Wings, I thought he would be glad to share all the secret recipes and sauces – I even wore my good bra and still got nothing! LET’S EAT.



Chef Special – part of the Red Hot flavoring and it was flamin’ more than Richard Simmons.

ATL Style – Has their secret signature sauce and is part of the Dry Rub flavoring.

Lemon Pepper – ding ding ding ding ding!!! This one is my favorite and is also part of the Dry Rub flavoring.


Phoenix Phood Reviews “ATL Wings”



Honey Habanero – this is a close second and is part of the BBQ  flavoring.  It’s a little sweet and a little spicy. This is definitely the Diva of the chicken wings I sampled.

Lucky Sweet Red – this is another one that is part of the Red Hot flavoring. Let me tell you, this one had so much kick to it, you’d think Jackie Chan was in your mouth, hi-ya’ing all over the damn place.

Honey Mustard – BBQ flavoring, yes sir. The only time I use honey mustard is when I’m making my deviled eggs. Since no one wants to share their secret recipe, I guess now I have to start dipping chicken wings in it too.

Now for those of you who want chicken, but you’ve just started your diet for the 4th time this year. They have a buffalo chicken salad. Which was awesome, because the ranch dressing they use was homemade it tastes nothing like Wishbone.

The Diabetes – did I mention they have Kool-Aid? Well if I didn’t, here you go – they have Kool-Aid!!! After I was done sampling all of that goodness, Mike decides to bring me 2 honey biscuits. Like they were literally dipped in honey and had powdered sugar on them. I only ate half of one and brought the rest home. My four-year-old son is still jumping on the couch while I’m writing this article,  8 days later!


Phoenix Phood Reviews “ATL Wings”


This was a great experience and I would definitely recommend ATL Wings. Especially,   before or after a comedy show. You can’t lose with these two working together, probably the best combination of Mike’s since Jordan and Jackson.

I give ATL Wings 4 Stallion Stomps with a bonus of a Mane shake honey,  because they have Kool-Aid! !!

Ms. August

Author: UEAZ