I’ve driven past Smoke Dem Bones often, but it’s usually on my way to get some….sushi ( get your mind out of the gutter people). This restaurant is usually crowded around lunch time, now I see why – Let’s Eat!!

They are located at 1650 East Indian School Road, in a newly renovated building. The owner – Paul Williams Jr. , usually has balloons on a sign that reads “The best catfish in town”, so I couldn’t wait to try it. A little-known fact about the owner, is that he was a basketball star at ASU and was a second-round draft pick for the Phoenix Suns. He then went to Milan, Italy where he played for seven years. Upon returning back to the states, he decided to indulge into his second love of cooking. That’s when he decided to become an Entreprenegro 🙂 by using recipes and ingredients passed down from his family, Smoke Dem Bones was born. He also plans on opening another restaurant in Laveen called Rev’s Rib, in honor of his father the Reverend Paul Williams Sr.

Smac and cheese – Yes, it says Smac, because that’s exactly what you would do to your mama if she was there. It was so creamy and had red specks of something in it.  I think it was bell peppers, he told me I was wrong, but said it was a secret. I ain’t got time to be guessing on my food,  so I just swallowed it, YUM12212356_10204542028025570_1544522894_n

The Catfish – Absolutely delicious. I don’t think he had a chance to give me a fork before it disappeared! Of course everyone in the world knows how to make catfish, except me. However, I do know my spices – lemon pepper is the devil.

Collard Greens –  Cooked with ham hocks. I had to add some salt to them and he gave me the side-eye. Were they better than mine?  No, but if I was on my way home from a hard days work and did not feel like cooking a pot of greens, I would stop by for some carryout.

Fried Okra – I don’t think one can mess up okra. His brother also helps out in the kitchen and did a hell of a job. Just add hot sauce.

The Brisket and The Pork Rib – MY FAVES!!! I did not want to mess up my manicure, but I had tooo-sorry Roz.  That brisket though, cooked to perfection, with Paul’s homemade BBQ sauce. When it came to the ONE rib he gave me, yes one.. I seriously tried not to grub down on it, but the fat girl in me won. I wanted two more ribs to sample just to make sure they weren’t poisonous, but I was pressed for time. Until he brought out dessert 🙁

Paul’s Peach Cobbler – Now you know I have diabetes, and I shouldn’t even have tried it,  but I couldn’t help myself. I’m not a fan of peaches..or herb, LOL. It was really hot and juicy. The cobbler had another “secret ingredient” , so I saved what I did not eat for my son. As soon as he put it in his mouth, all I heard was mmmmm. The secret ingredient may have been NyQuil, because after that, he went right to sleep.

12516494_10204542030585634_1812175485_nI give Smoke Dem Bones 3 stallion stomps and a booty bump – the greens just need to have someone put their foot in them a little bit more.

Overall,  this restaurant is great place for a date night or serving this to your lady during Netflix and Chill.

Ms. August O’neal

Author: UEAZ